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4 Subscription Boxes for College Students

Education can be expensive, and busy students cannot always afford to purchase their favorite items. That’s why subscription boxes provide a great way for college students to treat themselves without breaking the budget. Not only that, but if you are looking to send a care package to your son or daughter while they’re in college, investing in a subscription service could be exactly what you need.

In this blog post, we’ll compile four different boxes that you might want to choose from. Each of them is different and can bring helpful essentials to a college student, and also help to alleviate some of the financial stress that they might be facing. Let’s take a look.

1. International Snack Box

For starters, we have the option of picking from any number of international snack boxes—and these can be fun. An international snack box for college students is an exciting way to experience global cuisine without ever having to leave your campus. It's a fun gift idea for the foodie on your list or a way for you to add some exciting new snacks to your college cupboard.

With an international snack box, college students can sample their favorite snacks from around the world, from Japan to the UK—you name it. Filled with savory and sweet treats that span various cultures, these boxes of delectable surprises are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. Plus, adding an international twist helps broaden horizons and encourages educational exploration or a much-needed change of pace.

When you think about it, choosing to send a care package can seem difficult, and you won’t always know what to put in it. That’s why international snack boxes are a smart choice. You can either think about getting a subscription box as we’ve outlined, or even pulling one together yourself if you have an international store nearby. Plus, if you choose to try a different country every time, or the box you choose offers this, it can be fun and exciting for them to see what’s going to arrive every single month.

2. Desk Stash

The Desk Stash subscription box is a great way for a student to keep their study space organized and make sure that it's always stocked with stylish accessories. This box is delivered on a monthly basis, and each month includes a curated selection of desk supplies such as paper clips, pens, notebooks, and other stylish trinkets. Desk Stash allows people to always have something new to liven up study and desk décor while staying productive and organized. Whether you’re looking for an inspiring stationery upgrade or an effective solution to disorganization, the Desk Stash subscription box is a great option for any college student.

Of course, this is something that you can order for yourself as a college student as a cost-effective and exciting treat—but it also makes a great gift if you’re a friend or family member looking to treat your loved one. After all, college students often struggle to fit everything, from books and computer gear to snacks and other comforts of home, into their small living spaces. The Desk Stash subscription box is the perfect way for students to easily stay organized while in college.

These boxes come with a selection of items that are specifically tailored towards the student lifestyle, meaning no more hunting for pens and pencils or trying to find somewhere to store all those folders. Not only does it make staying organized simpler, but it also lowers stress levels by providing all the essential items any college student needs. 

Finally, it also offers convenience. Meaning there’s no need for college students to worry about running around shopping for basic school supplies or feel overwhelmed when faced with cluttered living areas.

3. Freshman Fun Box

A Freshman Fun Box care package is a great way to show your college student love and support. Filled with food and snacks, these care packages are designed to bring a little joy and comfort to the sometimes stressful first year of college. A Freshman Fun Box also includes personalized items like t-shirts, water bottles, and notebooks. Best of all, these thoughtful packages are customized just for their recipient and guaranteed to brighten anyone's day. With a Freshman Fun Box care package, you can easily put a smile on your student's face and let them know you're thinking about them no matter how far away they may be.

While it may seem like a simple gift, these thoughtful packages may have long-lasting impacts for the recipient. Not only does it let them know that you care, but the items they’ll receive will make them feel happy too. From stress relief activities like a coloring book to energy-boosting snacks and other necessities, Freshman Fun Box has something for every college student.

Plus you can get a new box sent every single month so that they know you’re thinking of them and that something fun is coming for them to look forward to. These boxes also come at an incredibly affordable rate, making it accessible to everyone who wants to show support. Sending a Freshman Fun Box is the perfect way to give your loved ones in college some extra warmth during an uncertain time.

4. The Study Buddy

Finally, we also have The Study Buddy Box. Once again, this is the perfect subscription box for college students looking to get more organized and succeed. It's packed with essential items every student needs to stay on top of their studies, such as desk organizers and inspirational reminders. Plus, each month you'll receive new items that will motivate and encourage you to reach your academic goals. With its wide assortment of useful products,The Study Buddy Box is the ideal way to start any semester off right.

This unique box arrives at your doorstep monthly, stocked with useful items and helpful tools designed to supplement course studies and support success in school. The combination of practical supplies and inspiring extras ensures that students have the materials they need to succeed. With each box, users will receive office necessities such as pens and notebooks along with tips and tricks for studying, having fun, and making student life easier.

This box is all about helping college kids enjoy campus life, which also makes it a great care package to send as a gift, as well as something for students to subscribe to themselves. All in all, each of these boxes is a great choice.

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